From the screening to the diagnosis and from cure to prevention of breast cancer, MediMantra takes care of everything. Detecting breast issues and abnormalities at an early stage is always favourable, and this can be achieved with the advanced screening technology available in the leading hospitals and healthcare clinics in India. In case, if an initial screening mammogram report show that there is a requirement of another imaging session, we help you single out the hospital for breast ultrasound, diagnostic mammograms, breast biopsy, etc. With a team of expert radiologists and experienced cancer specialists, we offer a multi-disciplinary care management approach for the patients suffering from breast issues and related conditions.

It is recommended by the specialists that screening and breast mammograms should be started at the age of 40 even if you don’t have any similar medical history. Hence, you can enroll for a Breast Cancer Assessment with MediMantra wherein you get an opportunity to consult doctors about the seriousness of breast cancer and want to assess the risk of cancer. The procedure estimates the risk of getting breast cancer and shows how likely a woman is to develop breast cancer in the coming years. This assessment depends on the medical history of the woman and her family.

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