Popularly known as Stomach Cancer, Gastric Cancer is formed in the inner lining of the mucosal layer and gradually develops from there. It is the second deadliest cancer in the world as the cancer cells can spread through blood, and in case you have a tumour in the stomach, it can create similar tumours in liver or in esophagus.

Our specialized team of doctors have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the different complexities of Stomach Cancer. MediMantra helps patients avail affordable surgical and treatment procedures like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. at leading hospitals of India.

Symptoms of Gastric Cancer

If stomach cancer is detected early, the chances of getting hi-tech treatment are higher. So, if you have any of the following symptoms, make sure you get yourself tested:

  • Vomiting

  • Blood in Stool

  • Difficulty in Swallowing

  • Weight Loss

  • Indigestion and Stomach Pain

  • Lack of Appetite

Risk Factors for Gastric Cancer

  • Diet heavy in smoked and salted foods

  • Smoking

  • Family History of cancer

  • Old age

  • Eating undercooked or raw food

  • Pernicious Anemia

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