Many people suffer from drooping eye lids that make them come across as tired, angry or sad when they aren’t either. Droopy eyelids can also make you look older than you actually are. This is where MediMantra comes in. We help you avail the drooping eye treatments for treating hanging, loose skin on the eyelids and surrounding areas. Blepharosplasty – an eyelid lift surgery is used by people who want to reverse the actions of stress, sun exposure, ageing, gravity and even smoking from their eyes and eyelids – this makes people look younger and more attractive.
A carefully completed surgery can make a patient feel confident about his/her appearance and give them a more refreshed look. After the surgery, it is normal to get irritation, bruising, dryness in the eyes and swelling. You will be returning back to you normal life within a week. But refraining from physical activities and sun exposure is advised for at least three weeks in order to boost the recovery process.