What is Medical Tourism?
Medical tourism is the term given to the act of travelling to another country to get better and low cost medical treatment. Medical bills in a developed country are very high and have started becoming a burden on the patients. That is when the patients started looking out for other and better options, and the practice of medical tourism come into notice. Other reasons that contributed to the growth of medical tourism include long waiting lists at the hospitals, unavailability of the treatments or low quality treatments in the home countries.

What is Medical Tourism Facilitator?
Many independent companies associate with hospitals and offer access to wide range of healthcare packages to the patients looking for treatment abroad. These companies carefully design the packages, keeping in mind the needs of the international patients visiting their country for medical, dental, surgical or wellness procedures and offer them the best packages.

Is Medical Tourism Safe?
Medical industry is an industry surrounded by risks which cannot be completely wiped out but can surely be reduced. MediMantra keeps a check on the certifications and the accreditations of the affiliated hospitals, track record of their staff, and quality of the medical services provided by them and ensures that the patients get the best quality services.

Is travelling safe after the surgeries?
The medical tourism packages that are offered by MediMantra are designed after thorough study and analysis of the patient’s medical case. If the surgery is too complicated and the recovery period is long, then the trip is planned accordingly and so is the return of the patients.

Being a first timer, I have no clue about the cities in India. How will I manage there?
We understand the fear of travelling into a new place and that too when it is related to health. We stay by your side from the beginning to the end and provide all the information and assistance that you would be require while your stay in India, be it language compatibility, route maps or food type.

Is India a good place for medical treatments?
Yes. India has been ranked among the best counties for medical tourism. India receives around 5,00,000 patients from all across the world in one year and has been excelling the field of medical tourism. In fact, it has been predicted that India would be the market leader in medical tourism by the year 2020. Lower cost for the majority of treatments, world class medical facilities and the vast reservoir of skilled doctors makes it a perfect choice for medical tourism.

Do you offer free video consultations?
Yes. Patients who are willing to get their treatment done at a pre-decided hospital can opt for a free video consultation with the doctors of the same hospital. Some of the hospitals cost for the video consultation – which is disclosed prior fixing the appointment.

What does my package include? Are there any limitations?
The cost of the package will depend on the type of treatment the patient is going for and what travelling packages he/she wants to include. The package will almost always include the fee of getting hospitalized [hospital booking cost], consultation, medical tests, pre-treatment tests, anaesthesia, accommodation, operation rooms, etc. If the patient has added a travelling package with the standard treatment-based package, his final proposition will have the cost of the tour [selected place in India], local sim card, spa services, transportation and hotel accommodation.

What payment options are available?
After the finalization of your medical tourism package, you will have to pay the cost of the hospital, transportation, leisure activities, and other related expenses in advance. There will be no transaction between the patient and MediMantra for the treatment and surgery – this amount will be directly paid to the hospital that the patient has chosen.

What happens in case of flight cancellation?
If you have opted for a treatment plan with MediMantra and have paid for the same, the external factors will not matter. Your treatment will be taken forward sharply based on the schedule. In case, your flight gets cancelled or is delayed for longer period of time (for eg. due to bad weather conditions), the treatment will be postponed. There will be a small amount that the patient will have to pay for the rescheduling an appointment at the hospital. The hotel and accommodation charges may vary because of the change in dates and availability of the rooms.

What if something goes wrong during the treatment?
MediMantra is a facilitator of medical tourism in India. In the medical field, there are always chances, no matter how small they may be. If something wrong happens, MediMantra will arrange a team of highly experienced doctors to provide a second opinion and put forward the available options for the patient. The consultation fee and some additional charges will have to be paid for the same. If you are not satisfied with the treatment you have received in India and have experienced some serious issue due to the negligence of the doctors, you can sue the doctors and the hospital.

Will I receive a report on the surgery in the appropriate language?
Yes. After the completion of the treatment/surgery, you will receive a detailed report of the whole procedure from the hospitals /doctors in English language. You can also get in touch with your designated doctor at any time.

What if my visa expires and treatment is still pending?
Our team will help you if your visa has expired and treatment is still pending by providing assistance related to getting a visa in India or extending the validity until the treatment and medical tour is completed. The visa extension will be done only on the medical grounds and the patient will have to provide all the original documents for the same.