Phlebectomy is an effective treatment done to remove the surface of varicose veins without treating the underlying cause behind it. It is mostly used as a conjecture along with other procedures like endovenous laser and radiofrequency. Since the Varicose Vein surgery is done as a “walk- in, walk out procedure” in clinics, the doctors only go for local anesthesia before the surgery.

For the surgery, a small incision (less than 2mm) is made over the veins by tracing the skin marks. A tiny hook is used to pull the vein up through the skin which is then removed and discarded. Patients usually feel a pulling sensation after the surgery but no pain. In case the patient feels some kind of pain, it is because of some disturbance to the nerves and this is a good way to find out about any kind of nerve damage after the surgery.

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