Varicose vein is the condition when your veins get swollen, twisted or enlarged. This mostly affect the legs and are most common in women. It happens mostly when the valves do not transmit the blood properly through the body and the blood starts clotting. The matter becomes serious when the patient experiences symptoms like leg swelling, pain and skin changes. Most patients report mild variations of the varicose veins, just being a cosmetic concern but some face constant aching and uneasiness. Since the major cause of the swelling is because of physical activities, it is curable with self-care measures such as avoiding standing for a longer period, exercising regularly and many more. If varicose veins are causing a lot of damage to your overall health, doctors usually suggest an invasive procedure. Vein ligation and stripping is a surgical treatment wherein surgeon makes cuts in your skin, cuts the varicose vein, and removes it through the incisions.

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