Happy Patient of MediMantra

In 1982 within a few days of his fifth Birthday, my son Scott had a surgery that required a blood transfusion. It was not until he was in High School trying to donate blood for the first time that we learned he had Hepatitis C. We also learned that the blood supply was not screened for Hepatitis C back in 1982.

The Hepatitis C laid dormant in his system for many years, but in recent years it had become active. Of the four levels of the disease, his was at level two approaching level three. We were told by his doctor that his current medical insurance would not cover the cost of treatment.

Just the medication alone to treat and cure his Hepatitis C here in the United States was approximately $85,000. We had heard that the medication for treatment in several Asian countries was a fraction of that cost. It was at this point that I started researching Medical Tourism in Asia. In early January of 2017, I made contact with Medical Tourism Association who referred me to MediMantra in India. My contact at MediMantra was Dr Shriya. By the end of January after Dr Shriya had answered my numerous questions, we committed to treatment.

Four weeks later, my son and I departed for India. Two days after arriving in India, my son had an appointment with a specialist at Fortis Hospital in Gurgaon. After running several tests, the specialist verified the diagnoses of Hepatitis C and prescribed the medication. Dr Shriya accompanied us on all of the appointments which were a big help. I can’t thank Dr Shriya and the staff at MediMantra enough for all their help.

They not only delivered on arranging the medical treatment but also with lodging and helping us make arrangements for some personal travel as well. We were also pleased with the level of personal care that we received. There was a genuine concern about our well being at all times. I am pleased to report that after the 12 week course of the medication, there is no Hepatitis C detected. We couldn’t be happier.

Lynn Withers Gladstone, Oregon USA

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