MediMantra Expands its Medical Tourism Services in Jordan

The medical industry has changed immensely in the past few years. Patients no longer look for the nearest hospital for the treatment at whatever cost it is available to them. The increased cost of treatments in the developed countries has made it difficult for the people to afford even the basic of treatments, especially the ones who do not have medical insurance. Their concern for the quality of the treatments and the lack of infrastructure has resulted in the surge of the patients pursuing cross-border healthcare options. Most of the patients have started to research about the treatments offered by the hospitals in different countries and analyzing the cost and the quality of the treatments before getting themselves involved in any medical procedure.

The growing operational networks and company’s success as a medical tourism company in India has motivated MediMantra – India’s premier medical tourism company – to spread medical tourism services at a global level. The company has recently signed an agreement to expand its services in Jordan with an aim to build its position as a leading medical tourism provider. The Jordan branch will focus on serving the needs of the patients located in and around Middle East and the Gulf countries. The main treatments that the centre will offer include cancer treatments, cosmetic surgery, organ transplant and wellness & rehabilitation.

MediMantra works with a vision to become the India’s best medical tourism company and its primary focus is patient satisfaction. It offers the most reliable and best medical treatments at the competitive prices to the patients across the globe. With this expansion, MediMantra will now be able to counter the needs of more number of patients across the globe.

The key services offered by MediMantra include:

  • Specialty Treatment
  • Low Cost Medical Services
  • Team of Renowned Doctors
  • Best in Hospitality
  • Logistics Management

On this Mohit Bansal, Founder CEO of MediMantra commented, “It gives me great pleasure to open our new office in Jordan because the country is pivotal to the growth and development of medical tourism services in the Middle East and Gulf region. With our international expertise and local capability, I am positive about the potential of our company to deliver healthcare & wellness services in Jordan.”

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