MediMantra Opens its Regional Office in Oman

Globalization has, over the years, produced some excellent problem-solving results around the world. One of those results is the rapidly expanding industry of Medical Tourism. The industry has gained immense support from the international governments and has given an option to the patients to travel to other countries to avail affordable healthcare whether its surgeries, routine checkups and consultations. Moreover, the higher costs of medical treatments and lack of medical insurance facilities in western countries has helped boost medical tourism as a profitable industry. Even the people residing in US and European countries prefer travelling to Asian counties to avail affordable healthcare.

MediMantra, a premier medical tourism company based in India, saw the potential of the industry and has been making sincere efforts to expand and grow its operational network outside India. During the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, 2017 that held in California, USA in October, MediMantra signed an agreement with Abdallah Ali Hindawi to escalate and spread its medical tourism services in Middle East and other Gulf countries.
The company has undoubtedly strengthened its position in the Indian medical tourism industry. Patients from all over the world are visiting India to reap the benefits of the medical services that MediMantra is offering. With the latest agreement signed at the international meeting, it is clear that MediMantra is looking to get better economic opportunities by carefully transforming medical care into a global business.

The branch and regional office in Oman will be working to satisfy the specific needs of the patients residing in the Middle East. On this new collaboration, Founder of MediMantra, Mohit Bansal said, “Service centre in Oman is part of the company’s global network strategy to improve service level, support growth.”

Creating and Executing a Unique Medical Plan for the Patients

The core value of MediMantra is to always provide the patients with nothing short of the best medical services at highly affordable rates. We work with some of the best hospitals and healthcare providers in the country.

Services at a glance:

  • Affordable Healthcare Packages
  • Advanced Medical Technology
  • Specialty Treatment
  • Leading Hospitals & Renowned Doctors
  • Best in Hospitality

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