Spine Surgery

Spine surgery treatment is employed when decompression of nerve roots – that have been damaged by back problems like arthritis – is required. With the availability of the latest medical equipments and modern facilities, doctors are able to provide minimally invasive spine surgeries to the patients. These surgeries are designed to do as little collateral damage as possible and further prevent any malingering damage to the structure of the bones.

Now-a-days, spine surgeries are generally performed with digital imaging, fiber optics and lasers instead of bone saws or knives like before. If compared to the traditional methods that involved open-back processes, minimally invasive spine surgeries are less traumatic and more effective. Moreover, for providing post-treatment care, doctors use instruments like Anterior Cervical Plates, Post-Operative Cervical Braces, Anterior Cervical Inter-body Cages, Posterior Cervical Plates and Wiring, etc.