Spinal instrumentation is done to maintain the rigidity of the spine after the spinal fusion surgery. The process involves attaching hooks, rods and wire to the spine to redistribute the stress on the bone, making it surgically possible to keep them in proper alignment with the bones of the spinal fuse. If the instability is not treated it can result in nerve damage, spinal deformities and disabling pain. The spinal instrumentation surgery is done to cure deformities like Scoliosis or Kyphosis. Scoliosis is a condition when you get a side to side spinal curvature and Kyphosis is a front to back curvature of the upper spine. These deformities may be caused due to fractures, tumors or serious injuries or can also be a birth defect. Spinal instrumentation is a major surgery and needs the patient to undergo a lot of tests.

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