The adrenal glands are known to be a production center for regulatory hormones, adrenaline and cortisone. This is the reason why most of the symptoms of the adrenal cancer are related with hormonal imbalances arising due to the tumors secreting hormones inappropriately. These benign tumours grow very large and start putting pressure on the organs situated near it like the stomach but do not spread to other body parts. Patients suffering from adrenal cancer usually suffer from feeling of heavy stomach and high urine pressure. Other symptoms include fever, lump in the abdomen, feeling of fullness and unexplained weight loss. The treatment options for adrenal cancer are almost the same as for any other cancer. It can be treated either by surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Sometimes the doctor also opts for ablation, i.e. destruction of tumor cells or drug like Mitotane.

from the body. Further, the doctors may opt for chemotherapy, hormone therapy or radiation therapy, depending on the situation of the patient.