Bladder stones as the name suggests are stones present in the bladder and are usually associated with urinary stasis and may occur even in healthy individuals without any infection, anatomic defect or strictures. Bladder calculi are an uncommon cause of illness but sometimes result in specific symptoms and discomfort amongst the patients. Sometimes, the bladder does not empty all the urine and the elements in the urine form crystals which later harden and turn into bladder stones.

Stomach ache, dark colored urine, frequent and painful urination are the key symptoms of bladder stones which result because of enlarged prostate, inflamed bladder, nerve damage, bladder surgery or cystocele. In most of the cases, the doctor removes them, either with the help of a cystoscope or by inserting a small tube into the urethra with a camera attached to detect the stones which is then removed with the help of laser.

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