Neurogenic bladder is a bladder dysfunction that is caused because of neurologic damage. A patient suffering from Neurogenic Bladder losses the control over the ability to urinate resulting in either too much or not enough urine. The bladder relies on the muscles to contract and release when the person urinates. And, as the message is regulated by the brain, there are times when the message isn’t sent from the brain to the bladder. Proper treatment can help the patients regain control on the bladder.

The symptoms of Neurogenic Bladder include the inability to empty the bladder, strain while urinating, loss of bladder control, which may be caused because of Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumor, Parkinson’s disease or injury in the spinal cord. Besides keeping a track of the urine, doctors also advise Electrical Stimulation Therapy as the best treatment option for neurogenic bladder because it stimulates the electrodes to send impulses to the brain.

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