Priapism is a condition that causes painful, long lasting erections and most of the times happen without any sexual stimulation. Priapism is a rare disease and is found mostly in males in their thirties. Priapism is of two types – low flow and high flow. Low- flow or ischemic priapism happens when the blood gets trapped in the erection chambers affecting men with sickle- cell disease, malaria or Blood Cancer. High-flow priapism on the other hand is a result of an injury on the penis that causes an artery to rupture thus preventing the flow of blood in the penis. Priapism can also occur because of wrong medications, anti-depressants or carbon monoxide poisoning. For treating Priapism, doctors usually use a needle and syringe to extract the excess blood from the penis. Sometimes, they even inject medications into the penis to shrink the blood vessels that carry the blood vessels into the penis and expand the blood vessels that carry the blood out of the penis.

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