Five Different Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic dental surgeries are now an affordable option for patients who want to focus on the aesthetics of their facial appearance while improving the functionality of their teeth at the same time. Also known as ‘smile makeovers’, cosmetic dental procedures are a quick-fix for issues like discolored, chipped, misaligned, stained or broken teeth. Cosmetic dental surgeons create a unique treatment plan for the patients in India and put the modern dentistry to work to give them a better smile enriched with confidence.

As we grow older, our teeth experience certain changes that can be caused by the personal habits, weather conditions or at times due to mishaps. As there are various cosmetic dental procedures available in the market, we should always know which ones suit our personal needs and which ones will have the most impact.

Here are some dental procedures that can be a part of your treatment plan:

Cosmetic Dental Implants

Dental Implants are simple tooth replacements that are put in place of the missing tooth. This cosmetic procedure is brought in when the patient wants to replace a missing tooth. Connected with a titanium [metal] screw, the implant is inserted in the jaw and is given time to grow around the metal. The healing time helps the implant to secure its position permanently.

Cosmetic Enamel Shaping

Teeth shaping is arguably the most non-painful dental procedure. During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon reshapes the broken or misshaped tooth by either filling the enamel or by completely removing some of its parts – this gives the enamel a more ‘shaped’ look.

Cosmetic Bonding

For patients with worn-out, decayed, cracked or broken teeth, composite bonding is a perfect dental procedure. The technique involves putting a durable plastic material with similar texture and coloration as the enamel to restore the appearance. Cosmetic or composite bonding not only covers the damaged part of the tooth but also improves the overall look.

Cosmetic Bonding

Veneers are custom-made shells made from ceramic – they are very difficult to differentiate from the real teeth and are used for treating dental issues like damaged enamel, crooked and discolored teeth, and gaps. A small dental appliance/veneer is bonded to the front of the concerned tooth changing its color, size, and shape.

Cosmetic Bonding

The most popular dental procedure, bleaching is helpful for people who have discolored teeth and want to make them look white. Discoloration could be caused by medication, smoking, drinking, bad oral habits, or hereditary. While teeth whitening can be done at home and at a dental clinic, it is important to consult an expert as the bleaching products generally used during the treatment do not suit everyone and can cause allergies.

IVF Tourism, A Trend in Making

Reproductive tourism is the type of medical tourism where the patients travel to different states or countries to seek fertility treatments due to the unavailability of the treatments in their own state or country. People also opt for reproductive tourism if they think that the treatment offered in their country is not up to the mark. The most common treatments for which the patients consider reproduction tourism are in vitro fertilization and third-party reproduction.

The current lifestyle and increased stress in the youth has made infertility a very common problem amongst them. But with the technical advancement in the medical field, it has become easier to treat infertility amongst both men and women. In some cases, infertility can be treated with the help of counseling, proper diet plans, meditation etc., but the change in lifestyle is not a cure for everyone suffering from the problems. It is then when the couples think about other options like IVF and surrogacy.

Reasons, why patients suffering from infertility opt for treatments abroad, include:

Illegality of the treatments in their home country, like in European countries like Germany, Austria that term egg donation as illegal.
Lower costs of the treatment abroad, inclusive of the travel and stay cost
Better donor option in the foreign country, many people want their child to be born with specific genes and are willing to travel abroad for the same.
Some patients are not eligible for fertility treatments under law in their country. These include guys, lesbians or single person.
And most importantly, better treatment facilities abroad. Medical facilities in Middle Eastern Countries and African countries are not that well established and the lack of specialization in the countries makes it necessary for the people living there to travel abroad for having access to better medical facilities.

According to an online survey, India saw an increase of 49% in the number of patients travelling from Africa and other parts of Asia in the past two years for infertility treatment. India has gained popularity in the field of reproductive tourism because of the cheap rates of surrogacy in the country. Indian surrogacy packages are comparatively US$ 40,000 less than the cost in the US. In addition to that, the accreditation of the hospitals from Joint Commission International gives the required legal validation to the patients. Moreover, the clinics throughout India are well established and have high standards, better regulations and infertility treatments for women up to 55 and even for single people. This makes India the most preferable hub for the patients who are thinking about reproductive tourism.