Beware of These Cancer Causing Foods

The causes of Cancer, regardless of the geographical location, can be brought down to the different types of chemicals we eat, breath in, or get in contact with in the form of radiations. DNA mutation and the structure of the genes are also a couple of factors that are found to be causing cancer. But despite the rigorous studies and experiments that have been conducted over the past couple of decades on Cancer and its causes, the least amount of stress is put on the veiled impact that food items have on our body. While we might think we are eating healthy and are avoiding everything that can be cancer causing agents, we are actually consuming the biggest carcinogen food items out there.

Here are some food items we eat every day that have the highest risk of causing Cancer:

1. Charred Meat

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and aromatic amines are two top cancer-causing factors. They are heavily produced during the grilling process of red meat at extremely high temperatures. Even the WHO has revealed in its recent report released on Cancer in 2016 that Charred Meat and Unprocessed Red Meat are leading causes of cancer, especially in the US and Europe.

2. Popcorn [ Microwaved ]

When the old-fashioned kernel popped popcorns is just a fun movie-time snack, the microwaved version becomes the leading cause of pancreatic, testicular and liver cancer in the world. The microwave popcorn has several carcinogenic agents – the artificial butter flavor that comes after microwaving is also because of those chemicals.

3. Refined Sugar [Genetically Modified]

Oncologists in India have started employing diabetes medication to fight rapidly increasing cancer cells in the patients. Cancer cells multiply at an increased rate when your diet has sugar content. Even brown sugar and corn syrups have carcinogenic agents that are responsible for their unique taste and flavor. Refined sugar spikes the insulin level in the blood and acts as a catalyst for the growth of the cancer cells.

4. Trans Fats

These hydrogenated liquid oils that are turned into solid fats to increase the flavor and maintain the shelf life of food items are a major cause of cancer – they are consumed the most in the subcontinent. PHO [Partially Hydrogenated Oils] are the main source of Trans Fats for the food manufacturing industry in India – these PHOs can be found in fried foods, baked goods, chips, crackers, candies, salad dressings, and even in cereals. So, make sure you check your canned or bagged food for the amount of Trans Fat they have.

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