MediMantra strives to provide the best and the advanced Cancer Treatment to the global patients who choose India for their medical travel. If you opt for any cancer treatment package, MediMantra makes sure that it prolongs the life of the patient and ensures that they lead a healthy life after the treatment is completed. We do that by providing continual treatment until the cancer is completely cured and by adhering to the international medicine standards. Our team of doctors has the highest level of expertise, and is committed to perform seamless service at a fraction of costs.

Basal Cell Cancer

Basal Cell Carcinomas (BCCs) are abnormal, uncontrolled growths in the skin’s basal cells found in the deepest layers of the epidermis. BCCs look like open sores, red patches, pink growths and are usually caused by a combination of intense sun exposure. They are fragile and can result in profound bleeding in the patients. BCC usually do not spread from the original tumor site. However, in exceedingly rare cases it might spread to other parts of the body and makes life threatening. Basal cell carcinomas are fragile and can result in profound bleeding in the patients.

Breast Cancer

From the screening to the diagnosis and from cure to prevention of breast cancer, MediMantra takes care of everything. Detecting breast issues and abnormalities at an early stage is always favourable, and this can be achieved with the advanced screening technology available in the leading hospitals and healthcare clinics in India. In case, if an initial screening mammogram report show that there is a requirement of another imaging session, we help you single out the hospital for breast ultrasound, diagnostic mammograms, breast biopsy, etc. With a team of expert radiologists and experienced cancer specialists, we offer a multi-disciplinary care management approach for the patients suffering from breast issues and related conditions.

It is recommended by the specialists that screening and breast mammograms should be started at the age of 40 even if you don’t have any similar medical history. Hence, you can enroll for a Breast Cancer Assessment with MediMantra wherein you get an opportunity to consult doctors about the seriousness of breast cancer and want to assess the risk of cancer. The procedure estimates the risk of getting breast cancer and shows how likely a woman is to develop breast cancer in the coming years. This assessment depends on the medical history of the woman and her family.

Colon Cancer

According to a survey, colon cancer is the third most common type of cancer in the U.S., and is expected to rise to 95,520 new cases by the end of the year 2017. Colon cancer happens when the tumorous growth develops in the large intestine. The advancement in technology has helped diagnose, screen and treat the cancer, improving the survival rate amongst the patients.

Mostly, Colon Cancer occurs along with rectal cancer together known as colorectal cancer. Rectal cancer occurs in the rectum - the last inches of the large intestine. The exact causes for Colon cancer are unknown but it has been studied that it is mostly because of the precancerous polyps present in the large intestine. The polyps are already present and are typically benign but sometimes they start growing malignant causing threat to the life of the patient if not removed in the early stages.

Gastric Cancer

Popularly known as Stomach Cancer, Gastric Cancer is formed in the inner lining of the mucosal layer and gradually develops from there. It is the second deadliest cancer in the world as the cancer cells can spread through blood, and in case you have a tumour in the stomach, it can create similar tumours in liver or in esophagus.

Our specialized team of doctors have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the different complexities of Stomach Cancer. MediMantra helps patients avail affordable surgical and treatment procedures like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. at leading hospitals of India.

Symptoms of Gastric Cancer

If stomach cancer is detected early, the chances of getting hi-tech treatment are higher. So, if you have any of the following symptoms, make sure you get yourself tested:

  • Vomiting

  • Blood in Stool

  • Difficulty in Swallowing

  • Weight Loss

  • Indigestion and Stomach Pain

  • Lack of Appetite

Risk Factors for Gastric Cancer

  • Diet heavy in smoked and salted foods

  • Smoking

  • Family History of cancer

  • Old age

  • Eating undercooked or raw food

  • Pernicious Anemia

Intestine Cancer

Intestinal is not a rare disease anymore. A major share of deaths around the world is caused due to undetected intestinal cancer. There are five types of intestinal cancers – Lymphoma, Gastrointestinal Stromal Cancer, Adenocarcinoma, Carcinoid Tumour, and Sarcoma. Patient’s diet and medical history of the family plays an important role in the development of intestinal cancer.

Risk Factors for Intestine Cancer:

  • A Diet Heavy on High-Fat Products

  • Celiac disease

  • Crohn’s disease

Symptoms of Intestine Cancer:

  • Pain in Abdomen

  • Lump in Abdomen

  • Blood in Stool

  • Weight Loss

Recommended Tests

To know whether or not surgery is required to remove the tumour, proper and timely tests & staging is important. Following tests help the doctors detect and diagnose the cancer and create a treatment plan for the patients:

  • Blood Chemistry Study

  • Physical Exam

  • Study of the Medical History of the Patient and Family

  • Upper Endoscopy

  • Capsule Endoscopy

  • Liver Function Test

  • Laparotomy

  • Biopsy

  • MRI and CAT Scans

Kidney Cancer

Kidney or renal cell cancer is caused when cancer cells are created in the tissues of the kidneys or in the tubules. Kidney tumours generally grow one at a time, but there can be many tumours if the patient is at a later stage of cancer.

Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer:

  • Diet high in Red Meat and/or Dairy Products

  • Long Term Kidney Dialysis

  • Smoking

  • Obesity

  • Over Dosage of Medicines used for Pain Treatment

  • Family History of Cancer

  • High Blood Pressure Issues

Symptoms of Kidney Cancer:

During the early stages, almost no symptoms may arise; and the most common symptom of kidney cancer is blood in urine (hematuria). But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have kidney cancer as blood in urine can be caused due to many other issues such as bladder infection.

  • Anemia

  • Loss of Appetite

  • Weight Loss

  • Unexplained fatigue, tiredness, or fever

  • Swelling of ankles and legs

  • Blood in Urine

  • A Lump in Abdomen

  • Pain in Lower Back

Diagnosis of Kidney Cancer in India

Kidney Cancer is one of the most complex cancers when it comes to detection and assessment. Here is a list of tests that are performed to check if the cancer exists or not:

  • Physical Medical Exam

  • MRI Scan

  • Biopsy

  • Ultrasound

  • X-Ray

  • CT Scan

  • Urine, Liver Function & Blood Test


Leukemia is a cancer of the blood cells – the white blood cells (WBCs). Generally, white blood cells are produced in bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen and thymus gland. After the formation, the WBCs circulate throughout the body. The causes behind leukemia include generic disorders such as Down syndrome, blood disorders, chemotherapy or exposure to high levels of radiation. Patients suffering from leukemia face symptoms like excessive sweating, fatigue, unintentional weight loss, swollen lymph nodes and frequent infections. Unlike BCC’s, leukemia can spread to the other body parts including the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, heart, kidney and testes.

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is the main cause of cancer deaths in both men and women worldwide. Cigarette smoking or even passive exposure to tobacco smoke can be the main cause behind the development of lung cancer. It can be of two types - small cell lung cancers (SCLC) and non- small cell lung cancers (NSCLC). Smoking cessation is the best measure that can be taken to prevent the development of lung cancer. The stage of the lung cancer is determined by measuring the extent to which the cancer has spread in the body. It can be treated with targeted therapy - a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and even radiation therapy.


Lymphoma is a cancer of lymphocytes - the cells beneficial for the immune system. It affects the lymphatic system of the body. The lymphatic system involves lymphatic channels that connect lymph nodes scattered throughout the body. Lymph nodes are small collections of lymph tissues throughout the body. Lymphocytes recognize infectious organisms and abnormal cells and then destroy them. There are two types of lymphocytes - B cells and T cells - a malignant transformation in either of the two is termed as Lymphoma. It is one of the most common types of cancer and can occur at any age - even in children - due to exposure to toxic chemicals or simply due to genetics.

Prostate Cancer

MediMantra is dedicated to providing the best possible prostate cancer treatment and surgery options to the patients who are struggling with this deadly disease. To cure, prevent and treat this disease effectively, we cater to the following services at the leading hospitals of India:

  • Screening and final diagnosis

  • Available Treatment options, packages and medical technology to be used

  • Intensive care for critical patients

Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer

  • Inherited genetic mutations or hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC).

  • Obesity

  • A diet low on fresh fruits and high on red meat or dairy products

  • Age factor – more than 50% people who suffer from prostate cancer are above the age of 65

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

As Prostate is situated just below the bladder, so most of the symptoms are connected with urinary infections and abnormalities, like:

  • Blood in semen or urine

  • Difficulty during urination

  • Frequent urge to urinate

  • Burning sensation while urination

Throat Cancer

Squamous Cell Carcinomas is the most common type of throat cancer around the world as it develops in the inner lining of the throat. African-American people have the highest risk of throat cancer, and minor salivary gland cancer is especially found in North America and the Middle East. If you are a regular smoker and drink alcohol, then you are at risk of developing throat cancer at an early age. HPV is one of the major factors of throat cancer and is generally spread through oral sex. Men are four times more likely to suffer from throat cancer than women around the world.

Symptoms of Throat Cancer

The symptoms of Throat Cancer may vary from person to person. And, if you have any of the following health issues, it is advisable to consult the doctor:

  • Ear Pain

  • Weight Loss

  • Cough / Sore Throat

  • Lump in the Neck

  • Breathing Problem

  • Hoarse Voice

  • Difficulty in Swallowing

It is imperative that throat cancer is diagnosed at an early stage and there is no confusion about the stage the patient is at. This helps in getting satisfactory treatment and causes minimal damage to throat and the health of the patient. MediMantra has a team of highly skilled cancer specialists and a network of hospitals that are equipped with modern technology, 3D imagining and screening.

Recommended Tests

  • Biopsy

  • FNA [Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy]

  • Conventional Incisional Biopsy

  • CAT Scan

  • MRI

  • Chest and Dental X-Ray

  • Endopsy

Uterine Cancer

MediMantra has functional team of India’s leading cancer specialists who help the patients in considering all the possible treatment and surgery options, and also recommend the most-advanced therapies to the patients and their families. The hospitals in our network are equipped with the latest technology and techniques, and offer personalized Cervical Cancer Treatment at an affordable rate. If the surgery is the last option for the treatment, we make sure that our patients are treated by the team of the best surgeons, minimally invasive surgery methods are used in order to reduce the time spend in the hospital. It is more than just treating the disease at MediMantra, as we strive to bring the patients back to their healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Uterine Cancer:

If you are post-menopausal and are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned below, you should see a doctor.

  • Weight Loss

  • Pressure on pelvic muscles

  • Premenopausal bleeding

  • Uninterrupted, abnormal vaginal discharge

Doctors usually advise an endometrial biopsy to the patients if they complain about any of these symptoms. If that doesn’t provide enough evidence of Uterine Cancer, then a dilation and curettage (D & C) procedure is performed.