People who are not aware of the minute differences between cosmetic surgeries and plastic surgeries may feel like both are the same, but they are different. Pathologically, cosmetic surgeries are a small part of plastic surgeries that are used for improving the ornamental appearance of a person – the process may include medical techniques or surgical methods. Whereas a plastic surgery is done when reconstruction of imperfect body parts is required; the imperfections caused by some kind of illness, birth disorder, burns, etc. For sophisticated cosmetic/plastic treatment with exceptional results, people from all over the world choose India as their preferred destination.

Body Sculpting

Achieving the perfect body can often be an extremely pressing task for some people. This can be due to genetics or some external factors like health issues, pregnancy, etc. Body Sculpting can help restore the natural beauty of the patients through highly customized and designed-for-patient reshaping procedures.

Body Sculpting can work on any and every part of the body – plastic surgeons use the latest equipment for both, non-invasive and minimally invasive contouring procedures. Body Sculpting doesn’t depend on the body type – any body shape can be sculpted for better results.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

MediMantra has been taking care of hundreds patients who undergo breast implants and surgeries every year with the help of experienced surgeons and accredited hospitals. It is always better to have some knowledge about the treatment or surgery you are planning to undergo. If you are thinking of getting breast implants, you should know exactly what type of implants will suit you and what you are your expectations. Moreover, you should also discuss the downtime of the procedure with the doctors, and follow the instructions that the doctors provide you with. These surgeries are performed to bring breasts in shape - to make them bigger or smaller – basically for getting better contour. But the most common procedure request is to make the breasts larger and more proportionate. Primary function of breast augmentation surgeries is to correct and cancel the asymmetries, especially after women have gone through pregnancies and heavy weight loss.

Breast Life Surgery

As women age, their skin loses the elasticity and the power for firmness which is the primary reason of saggy, loose breasts. With age, breasts lose their firmness, shape and natural shape. A breast lift is useful in such cases as it helps to reshape and lift the breasts to a more natural shape and position.
When should you opt for a breast lift surgery?

  • Weight Fluctuation

  • Post Pregnancy

  • Old Age

Whatever your requirements and expectations may be, MediMantra can help you get more desirable breasts that will boost your confidence.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction is an augmentation process used for getting smaller, firmer and well-formed breasts through surgery. Surgeons remove excess skin, fat and tissues to achieve breast size in proportion with your body. By getting a breast reduction surgery, you can lead a more comfortable and healthier life. It is always important to avail initial consultation with the doctors so that you can discuss the various treatment options and methods which will make the procedure easier for both, you and the team of surgeons working with you. For a free health consultation, get in touch with MediMantra as we can help you get in touch with top cosmetic surgeons of India.

Cool Sculpting

The latest body sculpting technique – Cool Sculpting is a semi-natural method to reduce body fat. The process doesn’t require any surgery and doesn’t have any recovery time. During the procedure, a scientifically enhanced protective gel is applied to the areas where excessive fat is accumulated before applying the Cool Sculpting device is employed. With the perfect combination of deep cooling technique and vacuum pressure, the body fat is treated.

The technique is known for excellent results and doesn’t involve any pain or oral medication. The method is generally used for treating love handles, lower and upper back, belly bulge and male breasts. For patients who have highly resistive body fat and want to lose 20-25kg body weight, Cool Sculpting is the best treatment option.

Eyelid Lift Surgery

Many people suffer from drooping eye lids that make them come across as tired, angry or sad when they aren’t either. Droopy eyelids can also make you look older than you actually are. This is where MediMantra comes in. We help you avail the drooping eye treatments for treating hanging, loose skin on the eyelids and surrounding areas. Blepharosplasty – an eyelid lift surgery is used by people who want to reverse the actions of stress, sun exposure, ageing, gravity and even smoking from their eyes and eyelids – this makes people look younger and more attractive. A carefully completed surgery can make a patient feel confident about his/her appearance and give them a more refreshed look. After the surgery, it is normal to get irritation, bruising, dryness in the eyes and swelling. You will be returning back to you normal life within a week. But refraining from physical activities and sun exposure is advised for at least three weeks in order to boost the recovery process.

Face Lift

A face lift, also known as short-scar lift is a simple surgical process that removes the excess fat and skin present on the lower jaw and neck of the patient. The surgery targets the lower two-thirds of the face. Treating the loose skin on and around the jowl and jawline, the surgeon works to make the face more youthful and appealing.

The incisions that are made during the face lift surgery are carefully hidden behind the ears and sometimes under the hair. This tucking of the incisions depends on the skin laxity and the area that is being treated. A person with an undefined or unshapely jawline, loose skin around the face or excessive fat accumulation can opt for a simple face lift surgery.


Some people retain fat in areas that do not respond to weight loss techniques and procedures. For such people, the best option to get a sleeker, contoured appearance is Liposuction; a technique that uses a simple suction device to remove the accumulated fat from particular areas of the body.

There are various Liposuction techniques that plastic surgeons can employ but all of them work on the principle of suction. The procedures can be completed either by using a general sedative [anesthesia] or an oral sedative. The use of the sedative will depend on the comfort level of the patient, amount of fat to be removed, and which area of the body is under consideration.

Rhinoplasty/ Chin Lift/ Eyelid Lift/ Neck Lift/ Brow Lift

All these procedures come under the facial rejuvenation and reconstructive surgeries. Due to ageing, genetics, health issues, and/or physical ailments, facial details are changed. Droopy eyes, puffy cheeks, titled eyebrows, crooked ears, tilted nose, etc. are some of the reasons why patients opt for facial surgeries.

During these facial treatments, small incisions in and around the targeted area are made to either inject a filling substance or to change the structure through surgery. Any signs of a surgery or injection are concealed, changing the appearance of the patient dramatically. Most of the facial treatment procedures only take a couple of hours to be completed and rarely cause any discomfort.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

A tummy tuck surgery or an Abdominoplasty is done to remove the excess skin from the abdomen region and to tighten the skin. These surgeries are ideal for people who have either lost a lot of weight or have gone through a fat-removal surgery. Moreover, women who have stretch marks after the pregnancy can also go for a tummy tuck surgery. MediMantra offers the best tummy tuck packages in India – from expert surgeons who specialize in techniques that are known for providing the best post treatment results and minimum recovery time and scarring.
Following are some types of Tummy Tuck Surgeries:

  • Panniculectomy - This is done mainly after the successful completion of Abdominoplasty on both men and women who have lost weight recently and want to remove excess skin from the bellies and lower back areas.

  • Mini Tummy Tuck – If you want to remove skin from below the belly button, this is the procedure our doctors will recommend. This process is less scaring and has the least recovery time.

  • Standard Tummy Tuck – This method is used to tighten the center of the abdomen area and for removing the excess skin on and near the belly button.