Cosmetic Vacations in India

Medical tourism is one of the fastest developing industries and as a convenient option for its recipients; it has already made a greater impact in the market. The significant growth of this industry – with every progressing year – has brought great economic benefit to the countries. It has been statistically proved that around 33% of the total numbers of patients that prefer to travel abroad for better medical facilities are ones that indulge in cosmetic vacations. As the name suggests, cosmetic vacations are about getting cosmetics treatments abroad.

One of the reasons behind the boom in cosmetic vacations is the latest approach of creating a perfect self image. Earlier, cosmetic surgeries was preferred by only those who had some birth defects, accident injuries or burn marks and wanted to get rid of them, but now it is the new best thing in the market and people look out for all the different treatments – be it facial rejuvenation, body contouring or breast enhancement.

Most of the patients prefer cosmetic vacations as they want to give themselves the time for recuperation and thus look forward for an extension of the medical trip where they can just relax and have fun. The primary determinants that the patients consider before opting for medical tourism include low costs, quality treatments, renowned doctors and logistics management.

The most common cosmetic surgeries that people travel abroad for include breast augmentation, Liposuction, eyelid surgery, abdominoplasty, aesthetic dental surgery which includes dental work that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth or gums.

Further, patients after undergoing a cosmetic surgery look out for time and places to rejuvenate for psychological restoration before getting back into their normal lives. Many patients opt for traditional healing therapies like meditation and yoga for their recovery, and India stands out on this. Hospitals in India not only offer better treatments at a cheaper cost but the serene locations make it a better choice for the patients looking about cosmetic surgeries abroad. The cosmetic surgeries in India became a popular choice after the European Government started charging high VAT on the surgeries. People, in order in save the extra bucks, started looking out for cosmetic vacations in India.

Other benefits that cosmetic vacation in India involves are Privacy and better technology. How?

The availability of the secluded locations for cosmetic treatments offers privacy which patients look out for and also gives them an opportunity to get accustomed to their changed look. Also, the medical advancements are a key reason; if the treatments available in the home country are not at par with the international standards then the patient definitely opts for cosmetic surgeries abroad, where they can avail high quality treatments at a affordable costs.

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