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This surgery and procedure is usually performed on children to take out the adenoid glands. Adenoid glands are located between the nose and the back of the throat and are generally removed along with the tonsils. Adenoidectomy is usually performed if the person has any of the following issues:

  • Snoring

  • Breathing Problems

  • Enlarged / Swollen Glands

Did you know adenoids release antibodies that help in fighting certain infections in our body? If not treated on time, swollen adenoids can lead to respiratory infections. However, as the person gets older, the significance of these glands minimize as the body starts to produce the same antibodies on its own.


The ethmoid sinuses are located strategically between the bridge of our nose and eyes. If you have any kind of sinus infection, then Ethmoidectomy is the best procedure to treat it. In case your ethmoid sinus is blocked, you can suffer from other infections as all the other drains wither passes through ethmoid. Ethmoidectomy procedure helps you get rid of the infected tissue of the ethmoid sinus thereby removing the blockage. This surgical procedure is minimally invasive – the doctor/surgeon views the infection through an endoscope with a small camera at the end of it. It is important for every patient to consult healthcare specialists before going forward with this process. MediMantra can help you avail the Ethmoidectomy procedure under the guidance of specialized ENT experts who will not only answer your medical queries but will also suggest you the best treatment packages.


Mastoidectomy is surgical procedure related with ear infections and mastoid bone. The procedure involves removal of infected air cells that are present in the mastoid bone, and is also used to remove the abnormal growth of the ear.. If not treated at an early stage, infected inner bones can cause further issues and result in serious facial paralysis. Untreated infections can eventually spread and can cause swelling, fever and other discomforts. There are antibiotics for these infections and pain management, but things can get worse if not taken in the prescribed quantity. Untreated infections can eventually spread and can cause swelling, fever and other discomforts. Following are different types of procedures available:

Maxillary Antral Sinus Washout

Maxillary Antral is an uncommon neck and skull malignancy which doesn’t show any indications because of its hidden location – it is confined behind the maxillary sinus. Indications of Maxillary Antral may include unilateral obstruction and stiffness, pain resembling toothache, ulceration of taste, diplopia, proptosis and blood tinged nasal release. Generally, maxillary antral sinus washout is performed to remove the maxillary sinus of infectious drainage. The washout is performed on patients who are more prone to sinus infections.


Septoplasty is a surgical procedure performed on a deviated nasal septum - a displacement of the bone and cartilage that divides your two nostrils. It helps correct the deviation in the septum and open ups the passages of both nostrils. The main function of the surgery is to reposition the septum in such a way that it lies in a more central position. This method can also be combined with rhinoplasty to address more complex issues of the nose. Patients who struggle with nasal issues and symptoms are likely to suffer from sinus anatomies like deviated septum or infections and allergies. MediMantra specializes in treating such anatomical abnormalities and help patients restoring their sinus health.