Eye Treatments are designed to correct astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness thereby helping reduce the dependency of a person on corrective lenses. Different surgical methods available for different eye problems. Of all the eye treatments, LASIK is the most common one and is primarily used to reshape the cornea thereby improving the vision. MediMantra has helped hundreds of global patients in getting the best eye care possible in India.

Corrective Surgery

Corrective Surgeries or LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusi) are intended to minimize and negate the dependency of a person on contact lenses and corrective glasses. These surgeries are one-time procedures that change the shape of the eyes permanently and remove any thin covering from the front surface. An eye correction surgery takes not more than 15 minutes to be completed and has a short recovery time. Even the most complex corrective surgeries will have minimal discomfort and immediate results. During the surgery, the surgeons go for reshaping of the curvature of the cornea so that the eye can focus the light more efficiently without the use of glasses or contact lenses.

Lid Repair Surgery

Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery is done to repair and enhance the appearance of the lids – it can be performed simultaneously on both - upper and lower lids. Patients opt for eyelid repair and reconstruction because of superficial defects caused by trauma or tumor excision. Although in some cases simple sutures are used to repair the lids, however surgeons proceed with complex reconstructions when the transfer of skin from other parts of the body or adjacent tissues is required. Following eye problems are treated with this surgical procedure:

  • Fine Wrinkles

  • Drooping Eyelids

  • Puffy lids due to fatty deposits

  • Folds and Sags on the upper eyelids

Orbital Surgery

The eye is surrounded by fat that acts as a cushion to prevent it from any kind of damage but due to the problems in the eye socket, the functions of the eye are disrupted. It may occur because of the infection or the result of some trauma resulting in patients developing double vision, pain, loss of vision and swelling. Orbital Decompression Surgery is performed to improve the appearance of lower lid retraction in patients suffering from large myopic helping them regain proper vision. This surgical biopsy manages the tumour of the eye socket or the repair of the socket trauma.

Scleral Buckling Surgery

Among various treatment options that are available for retinal detachment, Scleral Buckling Surgery is the most suitable one. The procedure involves a small piece of sponge or a silicon band which closes the retinal break and helps the patient’s retina to get reattached when it is stitched outside the eye. The small stitches when sutured push the sclera inwards. This eye surgery procedure also lowers the risk of any cataract formation. Although the stitches are absorbable, the surgeons still recommend medication for pain management to the patients.