Hepatitis C

Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver, an infection that leads to health problems like liver cancer and liver transplants. Hepatitis C is the most widespread form of Hepatitis which is caused by HCV: Hepatitis C virus and usually spreads after coming into contact with infected blood or after having sex with an infected person. Hepatitis C can also be caused after being passed from mother to baby during childbirth.

Signs and symptoms of Hepatitis C include fatigue, muscle aches, yellow tinge to the skin and eyes. Since Hepatitis C is contagious, it can be prevented by avoiding contact with blood and other bodily fluids from anyone who is infected with Hepatitis C. The biggest drawback of Hepatitis C treatment is that there are no vaccines for the cure of this dreadful virus.

There are two stages of Hepatitis C – the stage 1 occurs soon after the infection, but many individuals do not have any symptoms till the later stage because of which roughly 50% individuals infected develop a chronic infection. And, since it has been left untreated for long, most of such people suffer from liver diseases. But, with the recent developments in the medical field, the treatments have become even more effective and it has become easier to cure people suffering from Hepatitis C.

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