India emerging as the hub of Medical Tourism in Asia

Every year millions of people from the United States fly over to exotic locations in India for both medical treatments and vacations. India is famous all over the world for its top notch hospitals and world class treatments. There are many countries that specialize in medical tourism but they excel in one or two medical fields. India on the other hand has specialization in nearly every medical field like joint replacement, neurology, plastic surgery, pediatrics, plastic surgery, organ transplant, Ayurveda etc.
Another reason why India is emerging as a tourism hub of the world is that the country offers the finest of medical technologies at a lower cost. India has well certified, trained and experienced medical professionals who offer the best services at par with the international standards. But when it comes to pricing, it is one tenth of the medical cost in the West.
Experts believe that the cheaper costs are giving India competitive advantage over any other developed country in the field of medical tourism. Today, Kerala is the only state in India that practices Ayurveda with all their heart and soul. The climate and the exotic locations make Kerala a perfect recreational spot for the tourists and is the best suited place for the restorative Ayurveda programs.
According to the recent study, Indian medical tourism market is expected to double by the year 2020. Growth in the Medical tourism can prove really beneficial for the economy. It will not only increase the employment opportunities but also prove beneficial to the pharma and the medical equipment industry.
With so much development in the technology and the ease in the communication sector, the legal formalities for the patients has become really easy. The online healthcare industry is quite active and makes it easier for the patients to travel abroad for treatments. For further ease in the procedure, a checklist has been made available on the embassies website that clears all the visa requirements and the legalities to avoid any kind of delay or clearance problem on arrival.
India is already a hotspot for leisure tourism. The country features amazing attractions like high mountains, historic monuments, scenic beauties, pilgrim centers and much more. The warm hospitality to the tourists proves as a plus point for them and is another reason why medical patients seek to come to India for recreational and wellness purposes.

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