The Impact of Medical Tourism – Social, Economic & Political

The medical tourism industry – an industry that has flourished tremendously at the turn of the century, has been responsible for an increase in GDP, Tourism and Social Welfare of many developing countries. The mindset that forced people to travel to developed countries to get their non-emergency operations/surgeries and medical treatments has changed. The families of the patients are now focusing more on minimizing the medical costs and avoiding the long waiting lines for availing treatment; something that is a major problem in developed countries especially in western counties. And, this boosted the medical tourism in developing countries like India, Malaysia, etc.

The gradual, yet a considerable increase in the popularity of medical tourism make it necessary to understand its effects on the society and the landscape of the medical industry of the countries it is well-established in.


Traveling cross border for getting even the simplest of health checkups is now in trend. Though it might have been odd a few years, is now considered to be a good investment.

Medical tourism is slowly becoming a healthy contributor to the GDP of developing countries. A substantial amount of revenue that is generated every year through medical tourism not only improves the working structure of the domestic medical industry but also elevate the chances of creating new employment opportunities.

As more medical tourists visit a country, there is a rise in profit for the industries working in close quarters with the medical industry. The increase in business for companies manufacturing and producing surgical equipment and over-the-counter drugs will always be directly depended on the incoming international patients.

Apart from medical industry, travel and tourism industry is bound to reap its share of monetary benefits. When a destination country like India doesn’t require any introduction for the tourists around the world, it can always use a little more international investment. Patients tend to take out the most from their investment. When you are visiting India to get affordable medical care, it makes perfect sense to give yourself a much-needed relaxation and take time from the after-effects of the surgeries.

Social and Political

As they say, if you ask someone for a small favour, they are likely to help you with a big one in the future. When international patients travel to India, it becomes a responsibility of both nations to constantly be in contact and increase the dialogue. This increased communication between the nations solidifies the political bonds – the global development, as a result, is given a clean path to throttle on.

When the responsibility of the country is focused on the cross-border tourism, it also becomes equally important for the authorities to manage the domestic structure of the services that will be provided to the patients. As the demand for health services increases, the quality of the services should also be improved at the same time – this requires manpower and technological upgrades. The combination of these paves way for improvements in public transport, employment stats, infrastructure of the hospitals, health policies, human rights regulations, etc. For developing nations, especially the countries in South Asia experience an increase in employment rates and GDP. An all-round development of the country is accelerated.

Medical tourism may seem like an industry that is only concerned with the international patients traveling to a foreign country and getting cost effective medical services but, in fact, it has various industries coordinated together whose development is directly proportional to it. The domestic society, economy of the country, and political ties; everything enhances with Medical Tourism.


Cosmetic Vacations in India

Medical tourism is one of the fastest developing industries and as a convenient option for its recipients; it has already made a greater impact in the market. The significant growth of this industry – with every progressing year – has brought great economic benefit to the countries. It has been statistically proved that around 33% of the total numbers of patients that prefer to travel abroad for better medical facilities are ones that indulge in cosmetic vacations. As the name suggests, cosmetic vacations are about getting cosmetics treatments abroad.

One of the reasons behind the boom in cosmetic vacations is the latest approach of creating a perfect self image. Earlier, cosmetic surgeries was preferred by only those who had some birth defects, accident injuries or burn marks and wanted to get rid of them, but now it is the new best thing in the market and people look out for all the different treatments – be it facial rejuvenation, body contouring or breast enhancement.

Most of the patients prefer cosmetic vacations as they want to give themselves the time for recuperation and thus look forward for an extension of the medical trip where they can just relax and have fun. The primary determinants that the patients consider before opting for medical tourism include low costs, quality treatments, renowned doctors and logistics management.

The most common cosmetic surgeries that people travel abroad for include breast augmentation, Liposuction, eyelid surgery, abdominoplasty, aesthetic dental surgery which includes dental work that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth or gums.

Further, patients after undergoing a cosmetic surgery look out for time and places to rejuvenate for psychological restoration before getting back into their normal lives. Many patients opt for traditional healing therapies like meditation and yoga for their recovery, and India stands out on this. Hospitals in India not only offer better treatments at a cheaper cost but the serene locations make it a better choice for the patients looking about cosmetic surgeries abroad. The cosmetic surgeries in India became a popular choice after the European Government started charging high VAT on the surgeries. People, in order in save the extra bucks, started looking out for cosmetic vacations in India.

Other benefits that cosmetic vacation in India involves are Privacy and better technology. How?

The availability of the secluded locations for cosmetic treatments offers privacy which patients look out for and also gives them an opportunity to get accustomed to their changed look. Also, the medical advancements are a key reason; if the treatments available in the home country are not at par with the international standards then the patient definitely opts for cosmetic surgeries abroad, where they can avail high quality treatments at a affordable costs.

MediMantra Opens its Regional Office in Oman

Globalization has, over the years, produced some excellent problem-solving results around the world. One of those results is the rapidly expanding industry of Medical Tourism. The industry has gained immense support from the international governments and has given an option to the patients to travel to other countries to avail affordable healthcare whether its surgeries, routine checkups and consultations. Moreover, the higher costs of medical treatments and lack of medical insurance facilities in western countries has helped boost medical tourism as a profitable industry. Even the people residing in US and European countries prefer travelling to Asian counties to avail affordable healthcare.

MediMantra, a premier medical tourism company based in India, saw the potential of the industry and has been making sincere efforts to expand and grow its operational network outside India. During the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, 2017 that held in California, USA in October, MediMantra signed an agreement with Abdallah Ali Hindawi to escalate and spread its medical tourism services in Middle East and other Gulf countries.
The company has undoubtedly strengthened its position in the Indian medical tourism industry. Patients from all over the world are visiting India to reap the benefits of the medical services that MediMantra is offering. With the latest agreement signed at the international meeting, it is clear that MediMantra is looking to get better economic opportunities by carefully transforming medical care into a global business.

The branch and regional office in Oman will be working to satisfy the specific needs of the patients residing in the Middle East. On this new collaboration, Founder of MediMantra, Mohit Bansal said, “Service centre in Oman is part of the company’s global network strategy to improve service level, support growth.”

Creating and Executing a Unique Medical Plan for the Patients

The core value of MediMantra is to always provide the patients with nothing short of the best medical services at highly affordable rates. We work with some of the best hospitals and healthcare providers in the country.

Services at a glance:

  • Affordable Healthcare Packages
  • Advanced Medical Technology
  • Specialty Treatment
  • Leading Hospitals & Renowned Doctors
  • Best in Hospitality

MediMantra Expands its Medical Tourism Services in Jordan

The medical industry has changed immensely in the past few years. Patients no longer look for the nearest hospital for the treatment at whatever cost it is available to them. The increased cost of treatments in the developed countries has made it difficult for the people to afford even the basic of treatments, especially the ones who do not have medical insurance. Their concern for the quality of the treatments and the lack of infrastructure has resulted in the surge of the patients pursuing cross-border healthcare options. Most of the patients have started to research about the treatments offered by the hospitals in different countries and analyzing the cost and the quality of the treatments before getting themselves involved in any medical procedure.

The growing operational networks and company’s success as a medical tourism company in India has motivated MediMantra – India’s premier medical tourism company – to spread medical tourism services at a global level. The company has recently signed an agreement to expand its services in Jordan with an aim to build its position as a leading medical tourism provider. The Jordan branch will focus on serving the needs of the patients located in and around Middle East and the Gulf countries. The main treatments that the centre will offer include cancer treatments, cosmetic surgery, organ transplant and wellness & rehabilitation.

MediMantra works with a vision to become the India’s best medical tourism company and its primary focus is patient satisfaction. It offers the most reliable and best medical treatments at the competitive prices to the patients across the globe. With this expansion, MediMantra will now be able to counter the needs of more number of patients across the globe.

The key services offered by MediMantra include:

  • Specialty Treatment
  • Low Cost Medical Services
  • Team of Renowned Doctors
  • Best in Hospitality
  • Logistics Management

On this Mohit Bansal, Founder CEO of MediMantra commented, “It gives me great pleasure to open our new office in Jordan because the country is pivotal to the growth and development of medical tourism services in the Middle East and Gulf region. With our international expertise and local capability, I am positive about the potential of our company to deliver healthcare & wellness services in Jordan.”

New IUIH Medicity in Nagpur to Boost Medical Tourism in India

In a recent press conference, Dr. Ajay Rajan Gupta, Group CEO and MD of IUIH [Indo UK Institute of Health] revealed that an ultra-modern campus in the heart of Nagpur is in its early stages and will change the medical tourism structure of the country. The campus will be spread over a land of more than 152 acres and will include a 1000-bed hospital, separate clinical, stencil and genetic research centers, hostel, water bodies, commercial areas, nursing college, medical college, diagnostic equipment manufacturing center, housing for staff members, a five star hotel, and various recreational areas/centers.
With an investment predicted to be in excess of Rs 1,600 Crore, the IUIH Medicity project will surely stamp Nagpur on the map alongside global medical tourism leaders and will give a much-needed boost to medical tourism in India.
With the second and third phase of the ambitious medicity project expected to be completed within the next 7 years, the first phase, that includes a 250-bed hospital construction, will be completed by the end of 2019. Two new medicities will also be launched this month, in Andhra Pradesh on 16th of August and in Hyderabad on 18th.
Due to the mammoth structure and close-knit working facilities of the medicity, better and affordable healthcare services will be available.

The planned commencement of the construction is pending subject to the sanctions of the authorities involved. Vinay Sehgal, a spokesperson of IUIH Medicity Nagpur, said that the construction of the project will begin as soon as December this year, the contact of which is given to L&T.
The project is approved and supported by Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and also by ‘Invest India’ which is promoted by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion and Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Although the project is completely commercial, some of the most reputed and well-established names in healthcare from around the world are being consulted, Jane Grady, Deputy Director, Trade, Economics and Prosperity, British High Commission revealed. She also said that by consulting the leaders of healthcare, they want to successfully bring their expertise to a city like Nagpur and provide better healthcare services to the patients.

India emerging as the hub of Medical Tourism in Asia

Every year millions of people from the United States fly over to exotic locations in India for both medical treatments and vacations. India is famous all over the world for its top notch hospitals and world class treatments. There are many countries that specialize in medical tourism but they excel in one or two medical fields. India on the other hand has specialization in nearly every medical field like joint replacement, neurology, plastic surgery, pediatrics, plastic surgery, organ transplant, Ayurveda etc.
Another reason why India is emerging as a tourism hub of the world is that the country offers the finest of medical technologies at a lower cost. India has well certified, trained and experienced medical professionals who offer the best services at par with the international standards. But when it comes to pricing, it is one tenth of the medical cost in the West.
Experts believe that the cheaper costs are giving India competitive advantage over any other developed country in the field of medical tourism. Today, Kerala is the only state in India that practices Ayurveda with all their heart and soul. The climate and the exotic locations make Kerala a perfect recreational spot for the tourists and is the best suited place for the restorative Ayurveda programs.
According to the recent study, Indian medical tourism market is expected to double by the year 2020. Growth in the Medical tourism can prove really beneficial for the economy. It will not only increase the employment opportunities but also prove beneficial to the pharma and the medical equipment industry.
With so much development in the technology and the ease in the communication sector, the legal formalities for the patients has become really easy. The online healthcare industry is quite active and makes it easier for the patients to travel abroad for treatments. For further ease in the procedure, a checklist has been made available on the embassies website that clears all the visa requirements and the legalities to avoid any kind of delay or clearance problem on arrival.
India is already a hotspot for leisure tourism. The country features amazing attractions like high mountains, historic monuments, scenic beauties, pilgrim centers and much more. The warm hospitality to the tourists proves as a plus point for them and is another reason why medical patients seek to come to India for recreational and wellness purposes.

India – A Rising Force in Medical Tourism Industry

In an industry which was dominated by more developed countries like Malaysia, Singapore and the United States of America, India is shifting gears for good and is making its presence felt, said Rita Teaotia, Secretary, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

More than 70 countries and 600 buyers from Asia, UK, the US, Europe, Middle-East and even Africa will be a part of the third edition of ‘Advantage Healthcare India’ Summit, being held on October 12-14 in Bengaluru. India is being seen as a leading global healthcare destination, and the purpose of the summit is to promote the same idea and to streamline the healthcare services in the country simultaneously.

In the conference organized by FICCI, Rita Teaotia said that the changes in the healthcare framework that the government has brought in are the reasons for the success of the country as a healthcare destination.

“Last November, the Government of India brought in some changes in the visa regime which made it very easy for the foreign healthcare seekers to get visa and come to India to get affordable medical treatment,” Teaotia said. She also said that if anyone is facing problems regarding visa or in visiting India for healthcare, she will happy to rectify the issue and support them.

She also talked about the importance of the involvement of the domestic healthcare industry of the country and to examine and study the interventions that can boost the progress of the Indian healthcare sector internationally.

FICCI Secretary General, A Didar Singh, was also present and talked about the million-dollar opportunity that has presented itself. He said that to make sure that this USD 9 billion opportunity doesn’t slip out, India needs to create propositions for the foreign patients that are unsurpassed – focus on issues like clinical outcomes, accreditation of the hospitals, alternative medicine, affordability of the procedures, tourism practicality, and patient-centric approach will be important.
The purpose and design of the third edition of Advantage Healthcare India is to simply put forward the capabilities of India as a medical tourism destination and to create healthy relations with other nations to boost the current medical structure of the country.
According to a recent report released by FICCI, more than 5 lakh foreign patients visit India for medical treatments every year – the popularity of Indian healthcare around the world has made the country one of the primary medical tourism destinations in Asia.